Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Drills Hoaxes & Crisis Actors - Shootings, NASA, & Space

Drills Hoaxes & Crisis Actors
From Shootings to NASA & Space

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Drills, Hoaxes, & Crisis Actors - The Documentary

This documentary contains some of the best footage and videos gathered from many different researchers on the YouTube community - the kind of video clips and pieces of the puzzle it takes some years to fully understand. It is simply too much to sift through every video on each subject and numerous hoaxes that are hard to keep up with. This video shows many of the hoaxes and fake news footage in a nutshell. This is an action-packed film, packed with suspense and a twist of humour, ending with an uplifting message.

The documentary is split up into three basic parts:

  1. Drills  - look at how many times the media mistakenly mentions "drills". Sometimes it is intentional, so that if they get caught in the act, they can simply say they are practising a drill.
  2. Actors - look at how many times the media mistakenly calls the suspects "actors".
  3. Duping Delight - the crisis actors smiling with duping delight.
  4. NASA & Space Hoaxes - covering up the realities of our earth.

This video covers it all - From NASA fakery, to government drills, to shooting hoaxes! If you have ever questioned the official science occult narrative humanity has been fed, such as heliocentrism or the real map of our earth, this video speaks on that subject. Have you ever wondered about all the recent shootings and terror plots that have suddenly appeared in these past few years? Coincidence? I think not, especially when you consider the new legislation that is trying to be pushed out by certain individuals running the government.

Some of the hoaxes, drills, and crisis actors covered in this video involve the:

Sandy Hook Shooting, Boston Firecracker Bomb, San Bernardino, The Paris Attacks, LAX Airport Shooting, The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster Hoax, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, ISS Fakery, Faking Space, Mars Rover Photos, CGI Earth Photos, Supposed Curvature of the Earth, World Leaders, Celebrities & Musicians, Freemasons, Chapel Hill shooting, Texas Shooting, ISIS Beheading, James Foley, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Many thanks to Russianvids, Peekay22, ODD TV, Jeranism, and many others who helped in the compiling of this video! My sincere apologizes for any undue credit in spreading the truths found in this documentary. If you would like special recognition, please comment or message.

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