Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunni-Shia WAR Tactics - HOAXES Used To Start a War

We live in a world filled with deception. Many of the recent terror attacks have been shown to be hoaxes, used by governments to divide and conquer. Right now, in America that seems to be occurring, starting with the Ferguson riots and now the Baltimore incident. They are all pre-planned events and not by accident.

It is no longer a secret that the Zionist-controlled heads of the U.S. government are in an alliance with the Saudi Regime and Israel. You will hear more fabricated stories, hoaxes, and false flags made to appear real, regurgitated be all media outlets. Listen to this short lecture here, in which Imran Hosein elegantly explains their motives:

Right now, the only way Zionist and Western powers can conquer the Middle East and attain a superior position in relation to Russia and China for the next big war is to gain control in the Middle East. What makes this mission much easier is the employing and funding of rebel terror groups and instigating a Sunni - Shia war, so that the people will be killing each other, and governments not on board with the U.S. agenda will be weakened. This is clearly the work of evil-doers who will be soon be annihilated.

Here is just one example, in which the video's caption read: From the Shia side - Terror Scandal in Qatif, in which Saudi Shiites are working a faked massacre to accuse Sunni muslims. And don't think for a minute that these same events are not replicated by the Sunni regimes who are controlled by Zionist powers:

This same video is mirrored on another channel, entitled "Terrorists in Syria prepare another Fake video to show on CNN and Al-Jazeera." Meanwhile, on the subject of Syria, here is a video revealing BBC News Caught Staging a FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria.

The Taliban school shooting in Pakistan revealed that the supposed Sunni Taliban suspects were fake Taliban actors. Can you imagine a bearded Taliban member with a skull and horns tattooed on his back? Of course, it sounds fishy, but the media wont report this. Even more strangely, why was Noah Pozner, the Sandy Hook School Victim, used as a victim for the Pakistani Army school shooting? This was also reported on Info Wars. By the way, check out this staged protest in Egypt:

Finally, hear out Naomi Wolf exposing fake news events and false flags, with regards to the Boston Bombing, and lack of verifying reports that are used by the media for certain motives. What makes verifying news reports and videos even more difficult is our current technology, which allows fake videos to be produced without having to go to a Hollywood Studio. Take note that the media and television networks, including faked videos, are fully capable of creating CGI (Computer Generated Images) and using a green screen in photos and video.

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