Thursday, 19 February 2015

3 Muslims "Killed" at Chapel Hill - Staged HOAX

There are far too many things that simply do not add up in this event. The list goes on, from crisis acting, fictitious story reporting, odd hand gestures, to gun control. Here's to get you started:

So, a lady who lived in the building declares her surprise because she did not hear anything. Three people are supposedly killed, and she did not hear a single gun shot? You got to be kidding.

Do these Satanic hand gestures give it away, a message of their deliberate acts of deception, informing their elite cult members? Is it a coincidence that this event has been linked to "gun control" and the second amendment rights? Is this just another example of poor crisis acting, such as the victim's supposed sister seen nearly laughing, as she forgets her lines? This crisis actor shows no tears, days after her supposed brother died, stating ridiculous scripted lines, such as "He hugged strangers". Is this how a person would act and speak, days after their sibling dies, with not a single tear shed and sudden changes in facial expressions, appearing like a Hollywood actor? Is this how Muslims, or any people for that matter, mourn the death of a slain Muslim, throwing up baphomet and 666 hand gestures?

Is this how you mourn a slain Muslim--by throwing up Satanic hand gestures? Only at the Church of Satan.
Do these crisis actors work for Satan, the ultimate deceiver?

This fabricated false flag event is a great way to cause division amongst people and get Muslims rallied up, without even realizing that they are helping promote the anti-gun legislation agenda and other motives. Here are some great playlists to get you started on realizing how many hoaxes the media and those in control use in order to manipulate the public:

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